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a very wise man once said “”Content makes poor men rich, Discontent makes a rich man poor”  with that said,  sit back and browse through our new arrivals starting with a Neat very well taken care of SAHARA Jeep Wrangler yr 2000,  to some like it sequence  dresses that will take you back to the puffy hair & the bling bling from the fabulous 80’s.  Our inventory is constantly changing and always upgrading so dont stay content be rich about it.

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Sorry I havent posted anything new until now but Joe & I have been swamped at the store.  check out our fb linck & let us know what you think. I couldn’t contain myself & had to throw in these two little guy’s they are my favorite find for now. 

Young Dragon in Black Violet Peacock! by WINSTONE EDITIONS In spite of his name, this dragon actually sports the colors emerald green, jade green, blue & violet which frame his sleek, satin finish black body. He has blue glass eyes

our price $48.00 & if you are not yet convinced check this website out for additional information

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From a 10 ft silk palm plant to timeless vintage custom jewelry Neatful Things gaurantees to spark your curiosity.

Vintage custom earings by Givenchy, Kramer, Marrella, Napier, Chr. Dior, Trifari & Krementz, from $12.00 & up.

Check out these sites for additional information on these delicate & timeless pieces. Then come on down to Neatful Things & own one.

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Neat Vintage pieces for all ages have just arrived at Neatful Things, along with a little bit of this & that but just enough to spark your interest. For example, Vintage Sequin Collar Necklaces, in silver, black & gold $18.00 ea. Through out the display cases at Neatful things you will see beautifuly adorned jewelry boxes starting at $35.00 ea. & last but not least 1980 post cards from the edge (made in HONG KONG) signed by Laus Apperal set $10.00 authentic japanese girls zori (flip flop) $25.00 these slippers are worn with a traditional Kimono

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we stock pretty NEAT items,  from the beautiful Our Lady of Perpetual Help, also known as Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (picture incased in aluminun) to  the Antique needlework in beautiful gold framed with burgandy matting , to Bernard BUFFET Lithograph signed & numbered prints. This is why we call ourselves NEATFUL things.

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